Welcome to PhonicsReadingPro.Com. If you are looking for a tried and true methodnof teaching reading with phonics that is enjoyable and effective… you’re in the right place!

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Ten years ago I started this website to help preschool children learn how to become excellent readers using phonics… before they start kindergarten.

Another one of my goals/passion was to help children that were already in school and struggling with reading… to use my system to become excellent readers and enjoy reading.

And finally… to help adults that never learned how to read (you would be surprised by how many people fit in this category), and to help the people that English is not their first language… and that want to learn how to read English and avoid the pitfalls and grueling frustration that they would otherwise encounter.

During the past decade I have given away, in numerous articles, almost everything needed to learn phonics for all of the different learning styles so that all of my readers following the provided matrix could easily become phonics reading pros.

I have put forth a lot of effort to follow all of the ever changing rules and regulations put forth by the tech giants that control the search engines… and dictate what people see and don’t see on the internet of things. Because I truly want to be a help to life and pay it forward… make good karma. Literacy is a major key to growth… in life.

I know how much of a positive difference this phonics reading program can make in the life of anyone using it. And I have never had anyone that failed to learn using it and enjoy the process of doing so.

There are a growing number of people that are concerned about the ever changing federal mandates put forth in the school curriculums that are causing children unnecessary stress and confusion.

Some parents have shared that they feel over worked, have less self care time, and busier schedules over all.

So after much prayer and contemplation… I have decided to create a membership area for people that want to have the entire process of teaching phonics reading done for them… one lesson at a time.

I am offering two options. One is a monthly subscription. And the other is an annua subscription. Both are coming soon! I am in the process of making all of the videos that will be available for viewing in the membership area, and practice sheets that will be available to download for use when not logged in to the membership area.
The monthly subscription’s cost is $24.99 per month… which is 50% less than a one hour reading tutoring session.

The annual subscription is $244.00 for the entire year. That is all that is needed to learn and anchor phonics reading, for the price of dinner for two at a good restaurant.

I will still have the “Testimonial page” to offer the phonics products for all of you that want to do it yourself. That is a great option too… if you have the time to implement it.

The freebie page will still have some free things… that I offer to help make learning how to read with phonics fun!
You can purchase the Phonics Reading System Here

Thank you for reading about my newly revised website!

Victoria Pugh