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September 29, 2010


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Lori S

Hi Victoria,
I was so glad to hear you on A. J.s show, I have 2 children and 3 grandchildren and am endeavoring to help my middle grandchild with some early learning issues, she is almost 5, very smart but has some normal school environment issues so I would like to help her before it becomes an issue. I am hoping that I will soon be able to get her your program. I was so thrilled to see that someone else likes to use day to day activities in learning, and glad to know that I'm not crazy!! I started out not teaching anything right now, but just letting her color and cook with me. Grocery shopping has always been on my top list of aids in learning! As well as learning about feeding animals, growing gardens, sewing and following instructions (one I have struggled with most of my life!) as well as learning to organize the pantry. I've always felt that the more realistic the learning is the more it will become a part of who they are like learning about spices and herbs for cooking and health; learning about different cultures and seeing history in pictures, museums, stories and antique stores.
My daughter also learned quite a lot from having pen pals, she wrote about 30-40 people when she was 12-16 from all over the country and even had many opportunites to meet them. Her penmanship and spelling improved so dramatically that you could not even tell today that it was the same 4th and 5th grader that struggled with those things! Learning how to read instructions and follow them was also very good for my son and he easily learned from books, stories and encyclopedias- even though he hated to do day to day written work he could ace a test and speed read like crazy! He did well with following instructions, with help, on models, small building projects, and helping dad to work with horses. The importance of being routine is hard for a lot of young people, but taking care of an animal is important for them to see that it is not just what they want, but what is needed for another that makes them a special person created by God!
Thank you so much for your sight, I am excited to learn more and be a help to my grandchildren for the better.
Lori S


Hi Lori,

Thank you for your comments. I am glad you are finding some pearls of wisdom on my blog that will be helpful for your grand daughter.

You are a very wise grandmother! Your grand children are so blessed to have you. :-) The things you are doing with them in your day to day interactions with them will make a big difference.

I love your name...my first child's name is Lori. :-)

I can tell from your comments that your children have richer and more rewarding life experiences because of your creativity and dedication.

Thank you for your interest and my phonics reading system. Your grand daughter will benefit greatly from it. And you will have so much joy from going through the process with her.

God bless you and your loved ones,


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