Accelerate Your Child’s Reading Skills, Comprehension, Vocabulary and Enjoyment

The process of learning how to read with phonics will lay a solid foundation.
Mastering that goal fully in preschool is an easy task when using the right
matrix. Once your child is comfortable with reading… there are fun things
you can do to anchor and expand that mastery.

Fill Their Bookshelves With Books They Love

Encourage your child to visit book stores with you. There are very nice and
inviting children reading areas in almost all of the big name book stores.
Allow your child to choose books for treats instead of food treats. That is a
fantastic way to build an awesome home library of books. She will not only
read better as a result but will also gain a much broader vocabulary that way

Read Books To Your Child At Every Opportunity

Read to your child whenever the opportunity presents itself. For example,
read books at the dentist waiting room, the doctor’s waiting room, and
movie advertisements during intermission. When you drive your car have
your child read the road billboards and signs to you. Another favorite is to
read classic novels, seasonal celebration books, and, of course, bed time

Visit Your Local Library Together

Visit the library together every week. That is a great habit that will have
lasting benefits. Have your child get her own library card and check out
books that are of interest to her. She may even want to join one of the
reading groups at the library and discuss selected books with her peers.

Have Your Child Read To You

Ask your child to read bed time stories to you. That will strengthen her
reading skills. It will also give you a non intimidating opportunity to see if
there are any areas she needs help with. You will also be able to tell if it is
time to add more advanced books to her library.
Take these steps and your child will become an excellent reader that loves to
read… for life.