Eliminate Phonics Readers Stress And Anxiety

Stress can derail the best efforts of any child learning how to read. It is very important to teach phonics reading on an individual basis. Some children will take off and fly with excellence with little or no remediation. Other children will need to review their lessons before they anchor them permanently. And that is okay. There are no two people exactly alike, not even twins. All individual paths to successful phonics reading mastery should be respected and honored. They will all arrive at the same destination… just at different paces.


What To Do And What Not To Do When Teaching Phonics Reading

Never compare children to each other and what their reading capabilities are. If a child feels less than a peer… they will immediately shut down to avoid humiliation. They would rather not try at all… to avoid being shamed by comparison to another child that is having success at a faster pace. Acknowledge that each child is unique and function within their own learning style. And that they are all capable and will reach the same goal. Encourage them to “keep their eyes on the prize.”


A Meditative Technique For Relaxation

One surefire, successful technique to help children relax is a meditation called “the magic carpet ride.” It has been proven to help release stress and anxiety. It also creates a deep calm and peaceful state of being. This greatly helps with retention and clarity.

Start the meditation by telling the children that long, long ago people used the idea of magic carpets to float along like clouds. Ask each child to pick their favorite color. Then imagine having their own carpet that is the size of the room. Step on to the carpet and move to the middle of it. Lie down on the carpet and close their eyes. Feel the carpet lift up as high as they are when standing up.

With eyes still closed… see the ceiling of the room open in their mind’s eye. Float up and out on to the meadow at the playground. Ask the rug to float gently around the playground while they watch the clouds float by in the sky. Feel the sun shine on their skin and the soft wind blowing through their hair. Now ask the magic carpet to float back to the classroom ceiling and down softly to the floor. Step off the carpet. Fold it up and put it in their cubby for the next magical ride.

This meditation will not only release stress and anxiety from the children but it will also help them anchor their phonics reading lessons. This meditation will work miracles.

Give it a try,