Find Phonics Reading Resources Locally For Little Or No Money

In your local community there are key places that are more than willing to donate resources to help you make wonderful lessons for your student(s). You only have to ask and your request will be granted. In fact, people are more than happy to be of assistance to the youth in their community.

Where To Go

Go to the local picture framing stores in the malls. They are a treasure trove for good, sturdy, colorful paper that you can use to make classified nomenclature. When they frame pictures for people… they cannot use the left over paper. You can use that paper to make flash cards, movable alphabet, art work, and the list goes on.

Your local Hobby Lobby Arts and Crafts store is another great place to ask for paper that is left over from framing pictures. Michael’s Art Supply store is also a great resource for left over paper. All of the above mentioned resource places are absolutely free.

Very Economical Resources

Visit your local teacher supply stores. You will be delighted to find that they will laminate the beautiful materials you make for your kindergarten phonics readers for pennies on the dollar. They do excellent work for you and they are very timely. You will only have to cut it out when you get it back from the store.

Many school districts also provide laminating services for pennies on the dollar for homeschoolers, daycare, Montessori schools, and Childcare centers.

More Donations As Free Or Economical Resources

Another good place to visit for resources is your local carpet store. Often they will give you little carpet mats for free. Sometimes they will charge fifty cents or a dollar per mat. You can use them in many ways… such as seating placement, lesson presentation, or personal space for a child’s individual work.

Happy exploration in your local community!