Thank you for checking out my “For Sale” page. There will be different products
here that are excellent, tried and true items that I personally use for my family
and students that I know are of great quality.

This month we are sharing the best music program for early childhood and
elementary aged students that is available on the market.

 I purchased a lifetime membership for my grandsons and my students last year. I

will have to put up videos to let you see what is possible.

My grandson that is four years old knows all of his musical notes and solfege signs,
has perfect pitch and great rhythm, can play numerous songs and have completed
four music workbooks… and a lot more… he learned to read using my phonics
program at age 18 months … I will also put up videos of that too .

His baby brother is doing a lot too and he is not quite two yet!

I am proud to be an affiliate of Preschool Prodigies. Give them a try! You will be
glad you did.

Free Gifts On Request

I have two key items to assist you in teaching phonics reading at no cost to you.

1. An alphabet audio and visual wall chart that can be played anytime as much as you like.

2. The Magic Formula for Reading Success, the 3 period lesson… that will give your student or child confidence.

If you are interested and would like to have either one or both, just send me an email with your first name and email address you want them sent to and I will be pleased to send them. Go to the “Contact” page to make the request.

To your success,