Increase Your Child’s Vocabulary Through Phonics Reading Fun

Using over simplified language when teaching young children is not in their best interest. It is a good thing to introduce a new word with each phonics reading lesson you present. It does not have to be a super advanced word… just a word that is new to your child.

Up to and through the age of seven… children can absorb massive amounts of information easily if presented in the right way. They are mini sponges and their self esteem will sky rocket when they see that you have confidence in their ability to gain new knowledge that later becomes wisdom.

When you introduce a new word… give examples of what it means. Listen carefully to their questions and take time to answer them until they have all the facts they need to file that memory away in their mind.

A unique game to play that will empower your child with a lifelong, excellent technique is called “mind’s eye.”
In this game you teach your child that the mind can function as an extraordinary camera. You zero in on what you are trying to learn and remember. Then when you have it all clear you take a picture of it with your mind’s eye. Next you open a file cabinet in your mind’s eye. Put the information in a folder. Label that folder. Take another picture of it. When you need to access that information… just go to your mind’s eye. Open the file cabinet. Locate the folder that you have labeled. Take out the information.

This may sound like a chore but it is actually fun and very effective. Children love to play this game. When they learn it at a very early age they become highly skilled experts. This game becomes a tool that will enhance all areas of their lives. It will serve them in many ways as they grow from childhood to adulthood.
Give it a try and you will be amazed. Your child’s vocabulary will grow exponentially. So will h
er confidence in other areas too.

Explore and enjoy,