Dear Parents, When I was a young mother with three children…one in pre-school, one in kindergarten and one in first grade…I was near clueless as to how the system worked. I went over all the handouts with them that they brought home from school every day. I didn’t know any better. I thought I was doing the right thing. But it turned out not to be good enough. Near the end of the school year, my first grader brought home a letter from the teacher. It said she would have to repeat first grade because she couldn’t read well enough. She was so sad. And I felt like a complete failure. How could this have happened? I did everything I was supposed to do during the school year. I was up every night with her…going over every single worksheet. She read every “worksheet story” the teacher sent home…everyday. How was I supposed to know they were memorizing scripts they rehearsed at school…and not really learning “how to read?” That never works. I will show you why later. But first I want to tell you what happened and how I figured a way out of that nightmare. I made a vow to her to make it right somehow. Then I started out on a journey of learning what worked and what didn’t work with learning how to read. You see, I have always had a great love for seeing people live happy and prosperous lives. So before this happened, my goal was to become the best lawyer possible so I could defend innocent people. I was also planning to be a writer. Then I could write beautiful, inspiring stories for people to bring joy into their lives. Well, the universe had a different plan for me, at least for the time being.
I explain everything for you and give you step by step instructions for everything you need to make it a fun and successful process. I outline the entire process with my Phonics Reading System. I ended up going back to school to become a teacher. I put my major focus on reading. I have earned several honors for my hard work and dedication to literacy and teaching children. I’ve been honored in Who’s Who Among American Teachers four times. I’m a certified teacher of grades pre-k through 12th grade. I’m also an International Education Ambassador. I could go on and on with other honors but I don’t want you to think I’m bragging. I just want you to know I have worked long and hard to learn what I know. And I’m dedicated to helping you avoid the pain and suffering that comes with not being able to give your child what she deserves…the best!
After years of study of several methods of learning how to read and observing children, I came up with a method that works miraculously! And out of the more than 24 years of working with children…they all have learned how to read. Some quicker than others, but they all succeeded! I decided to take what I have learned to create a step by step system. That way you can benefit from the years of effort, study, observation, and refining of this method that I’ve created. I have taught this method to others and they are getting the same results too. Although I didn’t go to law school and become an attorney…to help people that way…I am grateful that I have helped so many children learn how to read and become avid readers for life. When you think about it, learning how to read well is the golden key to literacy anyway. If you can’t read well, you really can’t learn any of the other subjects well either…not even math because you must be able to read directions in order to follow them. Many children, 35%, are failing kindergarten because they can’t read. They are being taught the “look-say” method of reading. Look-say was actually created for children that were born deaf and dumb. Since they could not hear nor speak, that was a blessing for them. It has actually been a curse for the other children that have been deliberately subjected to that method of teaching. Reading with phonics is the way to go to make your child a little pro! 🙂 I asked Mr. G. Edward Griffin, famous film maker, icon, and bestselling author of “The Creature from Jekyll Island,” and “World Without Cancer,” if he would read my book, “How To Teach Reading, A Golden Age Success Model, The Blueprint of an Easy, Complete System” and tell me what he thought about it. He accepted my invitation, and after reading my phonics reading system this is what he had to say:
If your child or grandchild is struggling to acquire reading skills, Miss Pugh’s guidebook, How To Teach Reading is the solution. I have examined many reading programs from Phonics to Montessori, and, in my opinion, this is the clear winner. It is amazing to see how fast the little ones, who previously thought they were stupid, pick up the basics and then race to the head of their class. Your children deserve this.G. Edward Griffin, Film Maker & Author
I told you earlier that I would show you why the look-say method of memorizing words can’t possibly teach reading. In the first place, that method does not teach the sounds of letters. You can’t read without learning the sounds. And there is no way to memorize every word in the English language. One big mistake is to teach the name of the alphabet first. Let me illustrate for you why this is a big mistake and actually tacks another frustrating 6 to 12 months on to the learning curve for your child. When you read you use the sounds of the alphabet, not the names. For example, let take the word “p o t”. If you try to read this using the names of the letters, the word becomes “pee oat tee.” 🙂 You see what I mean? It sounds like it should be the cousin of a coyote. 🙂 That is very confusing for your child and also very frustrating. Another big mistake in teaching reading, even when some phonics is used, is that the lessons are randomly scattered. That causes frustration, and takes a much longer time to learn. Sometimes it’s enough to make your child say “forget it!” Let me illustrate what I mean. For example, let’s say your child learns that the long vowel combination “ai” says “a” as in “rain”. Then she gets a lesson on “igh” that says “i” as in “light”. And then next gets a lesson that “dge” says “j” as in “fudge”. While all of that is correct…it is also very scattered and enough to make her scream and throw up both her hands. 🙂
Phonics should be organized into related, family groups. And then be taught one group at a time. For example, this is how it should be taught. I will illustrate using the long vowel sound for the “a” family. The easy way to learn this with no confusion, no frustration, no anxiety, just easy fun is to introduce the group, ai, a-e, ay, eigh, and ey. Tell your child that all 5 of the long vowel sounds in this family group says the same thing. She will find it pretty amazing that “eigh” actually says “a” as in “eight”. I tell my students that “eigh” is 4 letter “a”. So your matrix would be: “ai” the long vowel sound of “a” as in “mail”, “a-e” the long vowel sound of “a” as in “cake”. With that example you would just explain to your child that when a consonant comes between 2 vowels, the “e” on the end would make the “a” say her name, and the “e” would be silent. His only job there is to make her say her name. Then the long vowel sound of “ay” as in “day” comes next. Tell your child that “ay” is 2 letter “a”. Then “eigh” listed above. And, finally “ey” the long vowel sound “a” and in “whey”. When your child sees how this works, and that it can be more than one combination of letters for the same sound…she gains confidence and starts to learn them and move on in victory. It really is easy. But you need a blueprint that’s fun, easy, and complete. As you can see by this illustration, if your child doesn’t know the different combinations for the same sounds, she might start to think something is wrong with her. When it is not her at all, she is very bright. It is just that she doesn’t have the right system.
I explain everything for you and give you step by step instructions for everything you need to make it a fun and successful process. I outline the entire process with my Phonics Reading System.
It is easy to see the snow ball effect in action with some children that get started on the wrong track…that do not get the foundational benefits of truly learning how to read at an early age, or not at all. Seemingly “small things” sometimes turn into major life changes. For a girl, first she gets behind in class because she can’t read well. Then she gets put into a special education class. She starts to suffer from lack of self confidence and low self esteem. Later she gets hooked up with the wrong crowd, the “outcasts”. Then the next thing you know…she gets pregnant. Drops out of school. Ends up on welfare. Lives on monthly state welfare checks. Gets food stamps. Gets treated like dirt with a substandard Medicaid card every time she needs to see a doctor. And exists in a dead end life of misery with no hope of escaping it. For a boy it’s even worse. He goes through the same beginning stages. Falls behind in his school work. Gets labeled a behavior problem. Gets put in special education classes. Suffers from low self esteem. Drops out of school. Maybe joins a gang. Turns to a life of crime on the streets to make a living. Goes to jail. Then to prison. Then repeats the cycle over and over again until, he has no more options.
For a boy that is strong enough to make it through the system suffering at every turn…by the time he gets through high school he is issued a “certificate of attendance” because he can’t pass the final exams. Tell me, what kind of life will he have? Who is going give him a job that pays more than minimum wage? That is, if anyone will hire him at all. Please be aware that your daughter or son, because of their “behavior problems” could get labeled ADD or ADHD and then get put on psychotropic drugs. Then 2 major problems come with that. #1, the drugs are known to cause major health problems and in some cases, even death. #2, Child Protective Services (CPS) has an entry way into your life. You lose your parental rights and have to follow their directions. If you oppose what they dictate…they take your child away. Just do a Google search if you are not aware of this situation. It is heart wrenching, tyrannical, and downright scary…to say the least. Twenty years ago you could just say no to the psychotropic drugs they offer to serve up to your child, like I did when they tried to force my son on their toxic, mind altering, debilitating drugs. Today, if you say no, they classify you as an “unfit” parent, and take your child away from you. They send your child to foster care or to CPS facilities. Both of those scenarios have uncertain consequences. One example of this is the CPS in Florida. In one year alone, 393 children went “missing”…can you imagine that? In another case, a child was killed in CPS’s “care” and it wasn’t even reported to the police for 4 months. When it came to the light of day, CPS simply called it “an error in judgment.” And no one in CPS got punished for it. CPS gets federal funding for the children in “their care”. In other words, your money, in taxes, pays for this. These are both very real scenarios for many young people today. Your child does not have to suffer with low self esteem or failure because they can’t read well. Failure in learning how to read can be avoided if children are given the right opportunities for real learning. And learning how to read is the foundation they need to succeed. It makes a difference that will pay off for life! I’m so grateful that I took that turn in my life many years ago to try to help my daughter. Because of that painful event, I have the expertise to help you now. The time you have to spend with your child is precious. And it passes by far too quickly. You don’t need to waste time staying up late at night doing silly, busy work that gets you nowhere fast. “Victoria, thanks so much for your system. I wish I had found it sooner. My son is 6 and just starting first grade. I feel my son was having trouble learning to sound out words and put them together and just didn’t enjoy reading. We just started a few weeks ago and both he and I are enjoying our reading lessons (games) J His confidence is soaring now that he is reading to me and so is mine. Thanks again.” Candace Turner Recently a teacher in North Carolina that had been one of the unfortunate ones that had his job cut out…sent me a letter. He purchased my Phonics Reading System and used it to start a business. He is tutoring both children and adults. I’m happy to report that he is doing great and having both fun and success with his students.

My Phonics Reading System will:

  • Give you step by step instructions
  • Provide you with color illustrations for every step
  • Organize each lesson for you
  • Make lessons brief and effective
  • Show you what order to follow
  • Tell you what not to do so you won’t have to worry about making a mistake
  • List resource materials for you
  • Show you games to play for learning
  • Address all 4 learning styles, visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic


Before this past year this complete system was only available to a select group of people through word of mouth advertising. This is the first time this information has been combined in this manner and revealed as a complete system of learning how to read. It has been a long and arduous process to compile and create this system. More than 2 decades of research and observation have gone into it. This system is not available in this manner anywhere else. Although I have many testimonials from parents and teachers that have used my system… I’m only going to include one more here. Look at what this Mother had to say: “Victoria, I want to thank you so much for making this Phonics Reading System. Before I found it, my experience with trying to teach my daughter to read was very discouraging and was backfiring because I was approaching it the wrong way, and her kindergarten teacher was struggling too. My daughter, Cara, was having difficulties in her kindergarten class with the sounds of letters and pronouncing words… We heard about your Phonics Reading System and decided to give it a try. After just two practice sessions, we saw tremendous success happening with Cara’s understanding. Then it became so much fun to watch my little girl learn! The techniques of this program are very effective and serve to build confidence and excellent skills. We have seen outstanding results. Cara is now a confident reader. She reads to her peers and to her family. We looked at other pricey systems that were recommended to us. But I’m so glad we decided to choose this one. I am very happy and excited to share this program with my friends because I know it works!Theresa Vogel, Artist, Bayfield, Colorado
What is the value of literacy, of learning how to read, of having a healthy self esteem, of having success? There really is no price tag for something so life changing and life enhancing. Although I have spent many years and thousands of dollars educating myself to develop and perfect this system…I will not make this expensive for you. I don’t want your child to suffer like my little girl did, needlessly. Although it’s been many years, my eyes still fill up with tears whenever I think about what she went through. This proven, complete system and blueprint is yours for only $47.00 in electronic download format. This Phonics Reading System is also available as a physical product that will be mailed to you in a loose leaf binder format for only $129.00 plus shipping and handling. The Complete Phonics Reading System is now available in a Soft Cover Paper Back Book in a black and white format for just $19.99 plus shipping and handling. NEW! You will receive 5 bonus gifts with your purchase, valued at $92.75 yours free to keep just for trying the Complete Phonics Reading System! Either purchase option above come with these free gifts: Short vowel color pictures, short vowel movable alphabet templates, consonant movable alphabet templates, presentation success secrets, and how to put it all together and make it last. Give it a try! You will be forever grateful for the results you will achieve with this one of kind, Complete Phonics Reading System. Refund policy: For the loose lead binder and the paper back book, full refunds will be given promptly upon receipt of the product(s) received in the same condition as it was shipped to you. Just send me  an email with your request so I can send you a return merchandise authorization number and the address to send the product to. We do not pay for the postage on returns. Refunds on the e-book will be given promptly minus a transaction adjustment fee of $12.00. You get to keep all of the bonus gifts just for giving the Phonics Reading System a try. Will this reading system work for your child? Absolutely, if you follow the directions in the sequence that I have outlined and not skip steps! There is only one way for you to find out and I’m willing to take all of the risk out of it for you because I know that it works. You can give this system a try for a full 60 days… risk free. Yes, that right. I’ll let you check out this phonics reading system for a full 60 days. Give it a try. If you don’t believe you’ll have your child reading just let me know and I’ll refund the purchase price…all of what you paid for either of the physical products,  and all of what you paid for the e-book minus the transaction adjustment fee.
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
You can order the Soft Cover Paper Back Book black and white version by clicking the Red Add to Cart button below.  No Pay Pal account? No problem, just sign in as a guest when you check out and use the credit card of your choice. You have three choices here. You can do nothing; just let your child learn whatever the school curriculum dictates on a daily basis with no consideration for her as an individual with individual needs and a specific learning style. You can go it alone and try to fill in the gaps yourself. Or you can invest in your child’s future and make sure she gets what she needs for less than the cost of a decent meal at your favorite restaurant. Don’t regret missing out on a sure, proven opportunity to help your child become an excellent reader. To your success,     P.S. You’ll be amazed at how simple and easy it is to apply all of these techniques. And your child will be eternally grateful for this solid foundation in learning how to read the fun, easy, lasting way.
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Success Story #1

Look at what this Mother had to say about her son’s experience with this issue:

My 8 year old son was classified as learning disabled. I watched his spirit wither like a cut flower out of water. I was heartbroken and helpless until I found Victoria’s Phonics Reading System. In just one week, Miguel was reading and pronouncing words that would have stumped him the week before! Two months later, he was tutoring his friends that used to tease him. This reading program was nothing short of miraculous for my son. I will always be grateful. Anne M., Public Relations’ Specialist, California

Success Story #2

When you have the right matrix that’s fun and easy…learning to read becomes “child’s play”. This blueprint for reading was created in a way that even very young children learn quickly.

Listen to what these parents had to say:

We heard about Victoria’s reading program from friends. We decided to give it a try. To our surprise, our 4 year old daughter started reading in 2 weeks flat. That was 12 years ago. Violet is still at the top of her class! We know she is advanced today because she got a solid jump start then…using Victoria’s reading program. She is still an avid reader and always has a book in her hands. Do yourself and your child a favor, get this program. It works!

John “Blue Feather” Nitzinger, Wilderness Photographer & Betty Nitzinger, Teacher, Livingston, Montana

Success Story #3

I decided to use Victoria’s reading program to help distract my 2 year old daughter. What a shock to see her reading, actually reading…in 3 ½ weeks! That really made me take a look at what was happening. A year and a half later, at age 3 1/2, my daughter read a 7th grade Geography text book to my students! I am thrilled with the results that I got and you will be too!

Ms. Della P., Tampa, Florida, Secondary Education Teacher

All children can learn to read with ease. It is just a matter of using the correct matrix, and doing it in the right order. It’s really not rocket science. Yes, it’s a fact. And you will be amazed at how simple it really is to teach your child how to pronounce words and read like a pro.

This Phonics Reading System has helped children all over the world. People from the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe are talking about their success with this reading blueprint.

Success Story #4

Even if your child is on target with her reading, this method will help her accelerate and stay at the top of her class. And lay a foundation for future success. It really makes a big difference.

See what these Mothers had to say:

This phonics reading program is quite amazing. My daughter used it to learn to read at the age of 5. As a result of it, she was so far advanced for her age group that she was allowed to skip 1st grade! Now that she is in High School, she still has a deep appreciation for reading and learning which I attribute to her early, solid foundation in learning to read the right way. I strongly recommend Victoria’s phonics reading system.

Sonya I. Christian, C.P.A., Emigrant, Montana

Success Story #5

Victoria’s “phonics reading system” is a true work of dedication and love for learning that is easy and fun. Our son used this system and learned to read well before starting 1st grade. He is now in 5th grade and is above average in all subjects. His scores on the standardized reading tests are always at the top! I encourage any parent to try Victoria’s program and lay a great foundation for your child’s learning.

Lucy Costello, Bozeman, Montana Qualified Bookkeeping,

Success Story #6

So many children are being classified with “learning disabilities” and labeled as “behavior problems” as well. Most of the time they are acting out because of being frustrated with their learning experience. More often than not, they really are very smart children.

I was told that my son had both behavior and learning problems. I had a feeling that it was coming from his inability to connect with how he was being taught in his kindergarten class. I heard about Victoria’s reading blueprint from a relative that had used it. My son had such great results with it…I also used it for his older sister just to advance her skills too. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants real, tangible lasting results in a short period of time. All children deserve a chance to excel. And they will if they use this program!

Kristen, Belgrade Montana

Success Story #7

Another mother who wanted to remain anonymous told me this story:

I was told that my daughter would not be able to go to first grade. She had not learned her letters and sounds. And she was a behavior problem and not mature socially either. My husband and I were really concerned because our daughter was already taller than most of the kids in her class. We heard about Victoria’ phonics reading system from a neighbor and decided to give it a try. We were so surprised to find out that our daughter was just missing a few key elements. When we filled in the missing pieces with the phonics reading system, she was reading after 5 lessons, in less than 1 week. Needless to say, she got promoted to first grade and is doing fine. Thank you Victoria, thank you!”

Anonymous in Belgrade, Montana